Torque Specs

Fit Classification No-Load Breakaway Torque (in-lb) Description
F1 6.0 – 24.0 Extremely tight.  Users may need the assistance of mechanical advantage/leverage, such as a steel bar through the bore, to move the ball.
F2 2.0 – 6.0 Moderately tight.  Users should be able to move the ball by hand, but noticable resistance will be felt.
F3 0.0 – 1.0 No clearance present in the bearing, however, the ball will move freely with light to moderate finger pressure, with very light resistance felt.
  • PTFE lined bearings are self-lubricating and maintenance free.
  • F2 is the FK standard fit unless specified otherwise.
  • To designate an F1 or F3 fit, please add the suffix “-F1” or “-F3” to our standard part number. Example: JMX12T-F3
  • These fits are available on PTFE lined product only.